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How we help...

PR Planning Support 

Research and develop or review your master  or project specific communications plans through our own tested approach. 

Your plans or those of your 

competitor's, before launch

or post mortem, know their potential or their performance

PR Program Evaluation

Value Focused Content 

Your achievements and challenges captured by award winning masters of visual story telling through end-to-end planning and production,  then rolled out to engage your audience.

Time Machine 

Reviewing volume, solving issues, freeing you up to focus on your critical priorities 

Kevin Ellis  
Lead Counsel 

Phone: 416-662-4188

I have been a communications professional for over twenty five years leading agency and corporate teams in innovative and market leading organizations.  


I understand the challenges of driving an organization's communications activities having launched major entertainment initiatives, managed natural natural resource industry stakeholder engagement, consumer outreach, financial services industry issues management, and nurtured the profile of leading technology companies and their products.

With a unique perspective on digital technology's role in communications, I have run a digital studio producing diverse programs for major brands including digital content planning, development and management. 

I have worked with executive level clients in many global industries from those owning vast conglomerates to the Dalai Lama to cutting edge visionaries. That said, most of my work supports clients who are a bit more down to earth and face their own unique communications opportunities and challenges.


The name ARCHTOP STRATEGIC is rooted in my 

hobby as a player and maker of musical instruments.  


In the Jazz world, archtop guitars are some of the 

most finely crafted instruments available. Fine 

archtops are masterpieces and highly individual in terms of the tone and character of their sound.

While playing with a small group one evening, my own modest but solid archtop was encountering some challenges due to the heat on stage throwing off it's ability to play in tune. It needed constant attention to ensure I could coax out it's best tone. At one point

I thought, "you are reminding me of one of my clients."  

The rest is history.

Clarifying your position?Communications planning?
Protecting reputation?
Issues or crisis management?
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